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Role: Social Media & Marketing Intern

Dippy is a mobile marketing company based in Richmond, VA that partners with local businesses to create exclusive deals for their user base. Subscribers receive personalized text messages whenever a new deal comes out. I interned with Dippy as their Social Media Manager in Spring 2017, and worked as their Marketing Manager summer 2018. The internship included social media scheduling and posting, blog writing (see below), and working on marketing campaigns. I also assisted in the redesign of the companies website by completing market research and helping with layout design. During my time with Dippy over the summer, I created and managed paid ad campaigns through Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit. 

Note: these photos were collected from local businesses.

How To Use Dippy To Eat Your Way Through Richmond Without Breaking The Bank

By Taylor Block We all know the best way to distract yourself from looming tests and essays is to eat. And I mean really eat. Not to mention when you're in a city like Richmond, your options are insane. The only problem is your summer job money only can go so far.

How Dippy Can Help Your Business - Get Dippy - Medium

What we do: Dippy sends personalized deals directly to users in Richmond for restaurants, bars, breweries, and events. With the help of our partners, we create exclusive deals just for our subscribers. We focus on the college market through social media marketing, and greek life profit shares.

Richmond, Get Involved with Dippy - Get Dippy - Medium

Hey Richmond! Want to get to know Dippy, and how we can help promote your business? Keep on reading! Who we are: We are a mobile marketing company based out of Richmond, VA and have been continually expanding our customers base to other VA cities.